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Cash Rent Reset

Grain profits have hit the skids in 2015, with prospects for another year of negative margins in 2016. Not since the 1980s will renters need to make the case for rent relief when negotiating next year's leases. DTN Executive Editor Marcia Zarley Taylor and DTN Special Correspondent Elizabeth Williams tackle the magnitude of the cuts and the negotiating tactics cash renters hope to implement for the coming season.

Farm tenants are cautioning Iowa realtor and farm manager Steve Bruere they need serious rent concessions in 2016. (DTN photo by Elizabeth Williams)

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Something's Gotta Give - With sub-$4 corn forecast for multiple years, growers need to make a preemptive strike on their 2016 cash rents, financial advisers warn.
(August 27, 2015)

Landowners Won't Bend Much - Iowa farmland owners Fred and Lodean Cook may consider flexible cash leases for the first time this year, but they also are requiring renters to share crop insurance yields, soil tests and other data operators collect on their rental farms.
(August 28, 2015)

Be an Open Book - Transparency is a tenant's best shot at winning cash rent reduction for 2016. Just ask Indiana's Tom Farms.
(August 31, 2015)