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Global Fertilizer Outlook

DTN staff look at what are some of the projections for fertilizer demand and production in the next year internationally, as well as what is expected for prices.

Fertilizer is applied to farm fields and affects crops locally, but what affects price and supply happens on a global scale. The Global Fertilizer Outlook series will explore the issues facing the fertilizer industry in 2015. (DTN file photo)

Inside You'll Find...

Focus Changes on Big Issues for Fertilizer - While an international potash cartel grabbed the attention of the fertilizer industry last year, this year's hot topic is widespread transportation issues -- something that wasn't even on the radar last year.
(December 2, 2014)

Transportation Issues Affecting Fertilizer Not Going Away - If tough winter weather hits, some of the same transportation problems that hit the fertilizer industry could return.
(December 8, 2014)

U.S. Farmers May Cut Back on Phosphorus - World demand for phosphorus fertilizers is set to increase in the near future due to a growing world population. However, U.S farmers may decide to pull back some on phosphorus fertilizer application in 2015 due to affordability concerns with lower commodity prices.
(December 16, 2014)

World Nitrogen Demand Growing Despite Trials - Global demand for nitrogen fertilizers worldwide is increasing thanks to a growing population. Oversupply concerns, as well as geopolitical issues threaten a fairly positive global outlook for nitrogen.
(December 18, 2014)

World Potash Demand Continues to Climb - The potash outlook, as with the other nutrients, features increasing demand across the world because of the increasing global population. U.S. farmers may decide to limit potash applications in 2015 due to tight profit margins, similar to the phosphorus outlook.
(December 22, 2014)

Former Soviet Union Remains Giant in Producing Fertilizers - The Former Soviet Union (FSU) continues to be the world leader in fertilizer production, thanks to abundant reserves of natural gas, which supply the nitrogen and sulfur markets, as well as large potash and phosphate reserves. The region does face challenges with severe trade barriers with other countries and competition questions with the further development of nitrogen fertilizer production in North America.
(December 26, 2014)

Imports to Meet Brazil's Rising Demand - Investment in Brazilian fertilizer producing capacity has stalled, which means imports will meet surging domestic demand.
(December 29, 2014)

China Fertilizer Industry Struggling Because of Overcapacity - China's fertilizer production is outpacing both domestic demand and the export market.
(January 9, 2015)

Chinese Fertilizer Companies Turning to International Market - The Chinese government may tax exporters less to promote fertilizer exports and help solve the production surplus problem of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer.
(January 14, 2015)