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Health Care Countdown

Farm employers will face a barrage of questions before mandatory health insurance launches in 2014. How must you comply with IRS guidelines? Should you buy group or individual insurance on your state exchange? Will you be required to offer insurance to full-time employees? Is it better to pay or play? DTN highlights what farm employers of all sizes need to know and where to go for detailed answers.

Mid-size farmer Christian Yunker hires too many workers to be exempt from new federal health insurance mandates, yet his operation is too small to justify offering coverage to part-time workers. (DTN photo by Jim Patrico)

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Pain in Health Care Law - Nearly everyone will need health insurance coverage or face fines starting in 2014. Employers of all sizes should start their homework now.
(January 29, 2013)

Clock Ticking on Health Care - State exchanges are the centerpiece of the new health care law, but delays and confusion mean it's not clear if it will be cheaper for small business to tap them or not.
(May 24, 2013)

Health Care Holiday - IRS surprised critics by postponing the penalty for large and mid-sized employers who fail to offer adequate health insurance in 2014. Rules to simplify compliance for all sizes of employers could come next week.
(July 3, 2013)

Start Health Care Homework Now - This year's employee head count will determine whether and what penalties employers will pay for failing to offer health insurance starting in 2014. How to define full-time equivalents for seasonal and part-time workers is the key for ag employers.
(July 26, 2013)

What to Ask Before You Buy - Online health insurance shopping malls for uninsured individuals and small employers' group plans open Oct. 1. Here are health coverage issues your employees and you need to consider before buying.
(July 30, 2013)

Navigating New Insurance Malls - Starting Oct. 1, state-based health care marketplaces will go live, offering new alternatives to uninsured individuals and small business group plans.
(July 29, 2013)

Calculating the Labor Equation - Employers with more than 50 full-time equivalent workers got a year's reprieve from the mandate to offer health insurance starting in 2014. But employers of all sizes must still wrestle with how to count part-time or seasonal employees before they decide to pay.
(August 15, 2013)

No Sticker Shock Here - Early peeks at state exchanges show steep discounts and tax credits could offer welcome relief for many farmers and their employees on state-based health exchanges.
(September 13, 2013)

Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl - Small Business Prescription for Obamacare; Thanks to tax credits and subsidies, many farmers will find big incentives to drop company-provided insurance for themselves and employees under Obamacare. Rules also change on medical reimbursement accounts.
(September 18, 2013)

More Affordable Care Act Surprises - Don't attempt to reimburse employees for health insurance or medical costs. Under a retroactive ruling for the Affordable Care Act, the government will impose a $100/day fine per employee on you.
(December 30, 2014)