Attacks on commercial agriculture ignore the great work America's farmers do to grow food and protect the environment. In this special section brought to you by Chevy, we'll profile three farm and ranch families who care deeply about their land, their livestock and their profession.

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Inside You'll Find...

Hogs, Corn and Baseball - A Minnesota family's team effort makes their farm thrive and serves as a good example to the general public.


Deep Roots In Texas - Clay Rightmer's ranch is an example of how agriculture's conservation practices can improve land for both food production and wildlife.


A Chance to farm - This Missouri family is determined to do it right...for themselves and their neighbors.


Ag Briefs - Each story includes several "Ag Briefs" to give you the facts on common misperceptions of farming today.


Photo Galleries - Browse through these photos galleries to give you an even closer look at the farmers and their families who are passionate about their profession.

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The Becker family, Northrop, Minnesota VIEW >

The Rightmer family, Muldoon, Texas VIEW >

The Hays family, Monroe City, Missouri VIEW >