DTN Spotlights™

Place your brand on ag's center stage

Put sponsored content to work for you with DTN Spotlights.

This new advertising solution helps you engage our loyal digital readers with sponsored content as they actively seek information and prepare to make buying or selling decisions.

Your message will be delivered in-stream, adding value with useful, targeted information that is part of the user experience. This keeps your brand "top-of-mind" for the reader as he or she accesses our trusted content to support business and operational choices.

With DTN Spotlights, you can:

  • Increase engagement and trust between your brand and your prospects
  • Extend your brand's reach with easily shared, mobile-friendly content
  • Optimize your content with flexible sources, inventory control, and targeting tools
  • Track your performance with reports that show which messages resonate

DTN Spotlights program components:

  • Native ads
  • Companion display ads
  • Headline and thumbnail optimization
  • Content creation
  • Added distribution options — retargeting, downloads, hosted microsites, and more