About CQG
CQG began serving United States traders in 1980, expanding to Europe in 1988 and to Asia in 1998. We lead the industry in providing reliable data, superior decision making, and order execution software with customer support that understands the trader.

At CQG, we know that service is most important to our customers. Our award-winning customer support teams operate from eleven locations across the globe and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations twenty-four hours a day.

For more than thirty years, we've developed new technologies, offering real-time and historical data integrated with graphics and technical analysis tools. CQG's innovations have become industry standards.

Our analytic tools and order-routing ISV services are the industry's best performing. Traders rely on our data's quality, accuracy, and reliability. We were the first vendor to insert real-time exchange corrections. We monitor a worldwide network twenty-four hours a day, ensuring that clean data is always available. Our customer support is backed by product development staff in four countries, our product specialists, and our data quality and operations teams, which are deployed globally to ensure the quality and performance of our hosted market data and electronic trading networks.


About Prescient Weather Ltd.
Prescient Weather Ltd is a firm with a history of substantial accomplishment by its principal scientists in previous activities at Penn State, Weather Ventures Ltd, the World Climate Service, and in professional and advisory activies on the national and international scene.

Prescient Weather Ltd provides information and strategies to manage weather and climate risk and to exploit related opportunities in today's global economy. The latest scientific understanding, data sets, and advanced technology are combined to create weather and climate products that confer advantage to industries and activities sensitive to atmospheric events and trends.

Prescient Weather scientists benefit from broad experience in both the academic and private sectors. This experience combined with extensive technical and analytical skills facilitates rapid development of innovative science for weather and climate risk management.