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Three Ways To Ensure Service During Natural Disasters

Extreme weather events and natural disasters are the new normal. Learn three ways energy leaders can help ensure service when their customers and communities are counting on them.

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Ep 49: April WASDE Brings May Questions

We’ll take a closer look specifically at how tight grain supplies could get mid-season, how to put today’s record basis in context, how to think about weather as the wheat season draws to a close, and how a big post-COVID summer might affect agriculture.

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Blog Header Radarscope 4.0
Are You Looking At The Right Weather Radar?

Looking at a weather radar image has become as ubiquitous as checking your phone or email. What started out as military technology has evolved into a powerful weather tool that can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

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Four fundamentals for evaluating your rack pricing data’s effectiveness

Fuel marketing opportunities are fast and fleeting. To be able to pounce on favorable conditions, you need timely data.

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