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Climate Change Contributing To Increased Number Of Flooding Events

Many factors connect the recent flooding to climate change, and it is becoming a growing problem. Jim Foerster explains why.

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Ep 61: Wheat Takes the July WASDE

The July WASDE took into account both the June 30th acreage report updates as well as looming weather factors. We unpack the bullish-ness news and discuss how the market is reacting, to this report and to factors well outside its scope.

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Ag Trends preview for the rest of 2021

Download our latest white paper on Ag Trends that our experts predict for the rest of 2021. Get weather predictions from meteorologist Bryce Anderson, markets from Todd Hultman, policy from Chris Clayton and more. And it’s free!

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Avoid disruption with better demand data

Easily assess your market and know where demand exists for your product. Download a free analysis to learn more.

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At DTN, we deliver operational intelligence that drives confident decisions and provides a competitive advantage. Our customers around the world leverage our advanced analytics, machine learning and insights-based solutions to manage daily operations, long-and short-term operational planning, trading, and risk mitigation activities. You can rely on our solutions to help you feed, fuel and protect our world.

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