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Ep 26: Your Ticket to the 2020 DTN Ag Summit

DTN’s farm business editor Katie Dehlinger joins us on Field Posts this week to discuss how you’ll be able to attend this year’s revolutionary virtual event, right from your farm. Register now

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Blog header Cell Tower in Storm
Using weather data to minimize telecom tower power outages

Increasingly volatile weather events are a threat to telecom towers. Better understand the risks and how actionable weather information can enhance planning and limit outages.

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News Insights US Dollar's Influences and Drivers
U.S. Dollar’s Influences and Drivers

Learn about the history between the US dollar and the commodities market, and how the dollar’s strength or weakness influences energy trading.

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Two Wild Cards Impact The 2020 Winter Weather Outlook

La Niña plays a major role in this year’s winter weather but two wild cards could be factors in how the winter forecast evolves.

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