A Decade of Excellence

Since the study’s inception ten years ago, DTN has consistently topped its competitors — AccuWeather, CustomWeather, Intellicast, the National Weather Service, the Weather Channel and Weather Underground – as the most accurate provider of precipitation and short-term temperature forecasts. The honor is awarded by ForecastWatch.com, a leading analyst of predictions and outcomes in the weather industry.

The study, based on the weather conditions forecast 24 hours a day over 12 months, named DTN the top forecasting provider in both major performance measures:

  • The most accurate short-term temperature for one-day-out forecasts
  • The most accurate probability of precipitation forecasts

A critical service for the energy industry
Forecasting accuracy is vital to the health and efficiency of many weather-sensitive industries, possibly none more so than the energy utility sector. In an industry where climate change and renewable energy are already having tremendous impacts, accurate weather forecasts ensure 24/7 operational efficiency.
Weather forecasts are the main driver of electric and gas utilities’ load forecasting, which is used for generation and purchasing decisions

  • More solar and wind generation on the grid means weather impacts not just load on the grid, but also generation capacity
  • Accurate forecasting allows electric utilities to better predict and plan for outages, saving time and resources when restoring power

“Our continued excellence in forecasting is due in large part to the efforts of our over 60 degreed meteorologists along with our corporate commitment to innovation and best-in-class accuracy,” said Jon Reifschneider, general manager for DTN’s Weather division. “In fact, since the U.S. study began in 2006, we’ve improved our own temperature forecast accuracy by 0.60 degrees Fahrenheit – which is also the most improvement from any organization. This translates directly into better operational decisions for our customers, ensuring greater safety, lower costs and increased revenue for their organizations.”

DTN aims to continually innovate and advance its top-rated forecasts. Current advancements are improving both short- and long-term forecasts, up to 15 days in advance. These improvements ensure that customers receive the most accurate forecasts in the industry to make critical business decisions. DTN’s highly accurate forecasts protect and improve lives every day by creating:

  • Safer roadways – departments of transportation trust our detailed precipitation and temperature forecasts to manage snow and ice, and to time chemical applications.
  • Uninterrupted power – energy professionals depend on our temperature forecasts to make critical load forecasting decisions that help meet demand and lower energy costs.
  • Timely air travel – airports count on our forecasts to keep runways clear and safe, planes deiced, and to predict and mange weather-related delays.
  • Safer communities – public safety officials rely on our forecasts to protect citizens during extreme heat or cold, flooding, snowstorms, and more.
  • Quality food and water – agricultural producers look to our forecasts to make key growing and operational decisions; water utilities use them to ensure safe water supplies.

DTN’s industry leading experts are available to write and provide commentary on a wide array of topics regarding weather forecasting and its impacts on critical industries such as energy, aviation, transportation and professional sports. Please contact me if you are interested in a contribution.