DTN Connect™

Grow producer engagement and yield bigger sales.

DTN Connect makes your sales team more relevant and more valued by your customers. It saves your sales team time by linking meaningful agricultural and customer data, which can boost sales and customer engagement.

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Powerful DTN Connect customer profiles

  • Quickly find actionable grain buying opportunities
  • Know how each grower is spending money with you
  • Clearly see how your organization is servicing your growers

Turn data into insights

DTN Connect supports successful sales team collaboration — turning your team into trusted advisors armed with valuable data and actionable insights.

This allows you to:

  • Better meet your producers’ increased expectations
  • Quickly see your producers’ current information
  • Easily build targeted, professional proposals

NEW! Manage margins, not spreadsheets

Buying in a forward position typically means manual tracking. With DTN Register™, a component of DTN Connect, you can eliminate this added effort — for more customer time and enhanced margin management.

Connect multiple systems

DTN Connect integrates with your precision ag platforms, back office systems, and more for a unified view of your producers’ entire operations.

DTN Connect can be made even more powerful when used with this cutting-edge tool