DTN Scout™

Precise, state-of-the-art crop scouting.

DTN Scout helps you spot customer field issues early, such as weed resistance, pests, and disease. You can also make smart, targeted recommendations to help your customers better manage rising input and crop protection costs — and grow your reputation as a trusted advisor.

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Improve your scouting operations

With DTN Scout, crop issues get recorded spatially, in real time — all with a single app on an iPad®. Your field scouts can work from a single tool, one field reference, and sync back all of the data to your producers’ records — saving time and effort.

Simple affordable, robust mobile scouting platform

  • Covers more than 300 types of crops — more than any other tool
  • Provides a comprehensive database of more than 1,400 crop-related issues
  • Includes images and additional functionality

Unify scouting records

DTN Scout platform lets you work seamlessly off of the same set of field boundary records that your producers use.

  • Integrate your SST Summit records, other precision ag software records, or upload your own SHP files
  • Create complete reports with detailed, pin-by-pin notes, photos, and issues
  • Send summary reports or create detailed reports

It works the way you do

DTN Scout helps you do your job on the fly — online or off. Locate fields, view past reports, use our Corn Yield Estimator, save scouts, and finish offline. With DTN Scout, you’ll maximize scouting in minimal time.

DTN Scout can be made even more powerful when used with these cutting-edge tools