The quality data and insights you need to make profitable decisions, all in one place.

MyDTN saves you time as you make decisions that turn your hard-earned yields into profits. Leveraging DTN's industry-leading ag market coverage, award-winning weather, and trusted newsroom, this mobile-friendly solution supports decisions that make the difference.

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MyDTN can fuel your success

  • Minimize weather risks with proven, industry-leading forecasts and unique tools that improve the timing of your operations
  • Supercharge buy/sell decisions with unbiased, respected insights and personalized alerts to favorable conditions
  • Increase yields through strategic operations with detailed insight into inversion layers, seed bed temperatures, wind conditions, and more

Every penny counts with today's weak commodity prices

Trust the newly-enhanced DTN Six Factors® to show you where the corn and soybean markets say prices are headed.

  • Easily understand current and future markets
  • Discover rare marketing opportunities
  • Save time and lock in your best prices sooner

Get the data you need — and want

  • Personalized and customized data — choose only the content you want
  • DTN's award-winning market coverage — unbiased industry coverage and systematic analysis of core facts that influence the commodity markets
  • Localized decision support — access the largest database of local grain bids and prices, with comparative displays designed to help you spot trends and nearby opportunities

MyDTN can be made even more powerful when used with these cutting-edge tools