Get highly-localized weather forecasts to cut your costs and grow your yields.

Part of the MyWeather suite, your DTN Ag Weather Station will observe and record critical weather and agronomic data right from your fields — not a reporting station dozens of miles away. More than 4,800 DTN Ag Weather Stations are already on member farms, forming a powerful weather network.

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Keep a closer eye on your weather with DTN Ag Weather Station

  • Grow yields by monitoring:
    • Inversion layers
    • Seed bed temperatures
    • Wind conditions
    • And more
  • Boost efficiencies with:
    • Weather alerts
    • Historical data
    • Ultra-precise forecasts
  • Cut costs through strategically-timed irrigation and chemical applications

MyWeather can help you:

  • Know the precise impact of the weather on your fields for a better return on your field management investments
  • Get actual, highly-accurate historical data directly from your own fields
  • Improve the placement of people and equipment, as well as the timing of chemical applications and irrigation
  • Increase savings by reducing energy costs through highly-targeted irrigation
  • Enhance efficiency by planning and scheduling, using precise forecasts and automated historical weather from your fields
  • Lock in better profits by knowing the actual accumulated and forecasted GDD/maturity for your crop

Best of all, DTN Ag Weather Station is hands free. Our certified professional technicians will install, monitor, and maintain it on an annual basis.

MyWeather can be made even more powerful when used with these cutting-edge tools