Agrosystem Launches Exclusive Agrometeorology Platform at Agrishow

The company joined North American firm DTN, the largest provider of commercial meteorological services in the world, to launch the Agrosystem Cloud platform in Brazil

Agrosystem, a pioneer company in agrometeorology and precision agriculture in Brazil, has joined with US-based DTN, the largest provider of commercial weather services in the world, to launch the Agrosystem Cloud, an exclusive Ag platform that offers a complete solution for farmers to obtain accurate weather forecasts in Brazil.

“We are very excited about our partnership with DTN, which comes to offer Brazilian farmers the best and most modern technology in the world in terms of meteorological services, bringing the most accurate weather forecasts to assist farmers in decision making and planning in the field”, says Carlos Henrique Jacintho Andrade, CEO Agrosystem.

The insights and expertise brought by DTN is precisely one of the main competitive advantages of the Agrosystem Cloud platform, which is based on DTN’s popular WeatherSentry Agriculture Global Edition. Recognized in the United States for providing best-in-class weather forecasts, DTN has been rated the most accurate supplier of precipitation and temperature forecasts in the US for 10 consecutive years. According to the independent surveys, precipitation forecasts by DTN were 40% more accurate than those of the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS).

The greater precision of the forecasts is due to several factors, such as the use of field-level weather stations to obtain extremely localized and accurate data, as well as Adaptative Learning technology, which compares forecasted data with actual observations to determine the best model to be used. This continuously tests and improves DTN’s weather forecasts.

According to Mark Holland, DTN Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Transportation and Agriculture, the partnership with Agrosystem comes at a time of global expansion of DTN. “We are very excited and have high expectations about introducing the Agrosystem Cloud platform in Brazil,” Holland said. “We are very proud to partner with Agrosystem, the leading ag company in Brazil that has been supplying Brazilian farmers with weather stations for over 20 years. Together we can help increase growth for farmers, which benefits everyone in Brazil.”

Agrosystem Cloud
Through the use of this new platform, farmers will have access to high-precision weather forecasts for the next 72 hours and 15 days, as well as continuous observations specifically for their farms, including soil moisture information. Another advantage is the patented DTN weather-alerting system that alerts farmers when the weather will reach customized critical thresholds. The platform also features a real-time rain distribution map, updated every 15 minutes and with a 4km resolution, based on the latest satellite technology for accurate information.

In addition, the Agrosystem Cloud platform provides users with the DTN “Spray Outlook” and “Field Outlook” tools. The former informs farmers the days and hours in which the weather is favorable for spraying, the latter the favorable days and hours for field work based on information from soil moisture sensors. Finally, also available is the “Accumulation calculator”, that shows the total accumulated precipitation, Growing Degree Days, and Evapotranspiration for any range of dates (e.g. since planting date)

“It’s a complete weather solution to provide farmers with insights to make better decisions with planting, irrigation, spraying, fertilization, crop disease mitigation, among other benefits,” explains the Agrosystem CEO.

Focused on solving the problems faced by farmers in the field, Agrosystem and DTN are already working to incorporate the latest DTN innovations into the Brazilian platform. In addition to all the advantages of the current version, Agrosystem Cloud will soon have other pioneer features for Brazil, such as the Smart Trap™, an automatic insect counting trap, that facilitates pest monitoring and control, among other resources.

About Agrosystem
Founded in 1989, Agrosystem is a pioneer Brazilian company in the precision agriculture and agrometeorology markets. Agrosystem also has operations on the markets of: Grain Moisture Analyzers, NIR Analyzers and Packing-house. In addition to DTN, Agrosystem is the exclusive distributor in Brazil of other major global companies such as DICKEY-john, Davis, Greefa, Next Instruments, Raven and NovAtel. Agrosystem has a portfolio of more than 70 highly customized solutions for agribusiness, either imported from global partners or developed in-house. With its headquarters in Ribeirão Preto (SP), Agrosystem has over 200 authorized resellers across the Brazilian territory and four regional branches: in Rondonópolis (MT), Lucas do Rio Verde (MT), Patos de Minas (MG) and Videira (SC).