Sizing Up Summer Gasoline Demand

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With vaccine rollouts accelerating and social restrictions easing, what will gasoline recovery look like? Read the white paper to find out.

DTN Acquires Online Fuels

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DTN, a leading data, analytics and technology company, has acquired Online Fuels, the leader in digital transformation solutions for the refined fuels market. With the addition of the Online Fuels’ innovative online trading platform, DTN is now the leading provider of solutions that bring visibility where it hasn’t existed before.

A Voice of Reason Amid the Colonial Pipeline Hysteria

Colonial Pipeline Disruption

In the vast majority of the U.S., the current Colonial Pipeline outage is no threat to refined fuel supply and the only risk of a temporary retail station shortage is a result of irrational panic buying. See what our real-time fuel demand data says about your region.

Understanding Recently Streamlined EPA Fuel Regulations

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Recent changes to EPA rules for gasoline and diesel quality standards have left some fuel marketers confused. Our latest blog breaks down the changes and the reasons behind them to help you improve your understanding.