Understanding Recently Streamlined EPA Fuel Regulations

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Recent changes to EPA rules for gasoline and diesel quality standards have left some fuel marketers confused. Our latest blog breaks down the changes and the reasons behind them to help you improve your understanding.

Size up summer season gasoline demand

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We’re still in a COVID world, but vaccine ability is increasing. Will consumers return to their traditional summer travel habits? Join our webinar for the answer and analysis.

FastRacks By the Numbers

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DTN FastRacks is known for superior pricing data and customer service. Our data is accurate, timely, and seamlessly integrates into your back-office tools.

Strategies For Becoming A Fuel Buying Pro

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Getting started in fuel buying can feel daunting. Unlike traditional stock market investments that can be bought and held for months or years as their values fluctuate, fuel is a physical product the value of which resides in its immediate availability; it cannot be stored for long. Its value can change by the minute,  due to the wide range of market forces that affect supply and demand.

Extreme Demand Disruptions

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Looking at where, when and how refined fuels demand changed in 2020 gives us indicators of what to expect in 2021. Read our blog post for the full analysis.