Understanding the Hurricane Cone of Uncertainty

If you’re reading this article, chances are pretty good you’ve heard of Hurricane Irma. She reached Category 5 this morning, the strongest on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with sustained winds of 185 mph and gusts over 200 mph. You may have also noticed a funnel or cone shape forecasting her path. This is called the Cone of

Houston’s History of Floods

Founded in 1836 where the Buffalo Bayou met White Oak Bayou, Houston has faced many floods. Not long after being established, the settlement flooded. Initially swamp land, people began to try and drain the area. Done with no planning, draining the land did not account for flooding rains. Flooding rains would come again and again

Forget Heat Index. Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Is Where It’s At.

One of the most common terms we hear during the summer when discussing the weather is Heat Index. While the Heat Index can give you an idea of how dangerous the heat can be, there is another lesser known variable that may give a complete description, known as the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. The Heat

Outflow Boundaries and Gust Fronts

We have all experienced a gust front, or outflow boundary, before. It is a process associated with thunderstorms and can cause winds strong enough to cause damage. While tied to thunderstorms, the gust front gets to you before the storm does. Gust fronts and outflow boundaries are the same thing. Similar to a cold front,

How Do Sea Breezes Work?

As summer approaches, you may notice when you go to the beach you experience a nice, cool breeze blowing inland during the afternoon. This is known as a sea breeze, but do you know what causes them to form? If you look up the definition of a sea breeze, you are told it is a