Energy Trading Jargon

This program will give you an overview of the world of energy trading. The course is designed to help traders, managers, and trading support personnel in the energy and trading industries gain a more detailed understanding of the instruments, tools, and techniques available for energy trading. Program length: 105 Minutes.

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Industry Segment Natural Gas, Oil, Power
Course Level Introductory
CPE Credits Not Applicable
DTN Credits Not Applicable
Competency Path Natural Gas, Oil, Power

What You Will Learn

This critical online program introduces many topics that are of special interest to the energy trading community. The program is filled with an extraordinary amount of valuable information for those with a requirement to support or understand trading. Topics covered include:

  • The basics and fundamentals of energy trading.
  • The vocabulary of trading.
  • The what, why, how and who of trading.
  • Market participants.
  • Market behavior.
  • All about CME NYMEX and ICE.
  • Real time trading examples for natural gas using the various technical tools and techniques.
  • What the various energy trading instruments, tools and techniques are, and what is encompassed in the profession of energy trading.
  • How all of the tools and techniques work.
  • How these tools can be applied to the development of a successful trading program.

Who Should Attend

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