Natural Gas Future (Past Peak Oil)

Natural gas now provides the majority of fuel for generating U.S. electrical power, supplanting coal for the first time. Understand the increasing importance of natural gas in the energy mix both domestically and worldwide.

Refining 201

Get a technical view of the chemistry, catalysts, and units involved in petroleum refining. Designed for intermediate-level professionals and for those who have completed the DTN Refining 101 course.

Introduction to Petroleum Geology

Get a firm grip on petroleum geology principles, concepts, technology and terminology with this comprehensive introduction to the dynamics of exploring and developing both conventional and unconventional plays for oil and gas reservoirs.

Power Trading & Hedging Fundamentals

Demystify the nuances and quirks of trading and hedging in the power markets while getting a thorough understanding of the instruments, tools and techniques essential to being a successful trader in the power markets.

Oil Spread Trading

Get a rigorous understanding of the who, what and how of successfully trading oil spread instruments on the three main domestic and international oil trading venues.

Upstream Oil and Gas Fundamentals

Learn fundamental principles, tools, technology and methodologies for finding and managing oil and gas reservoirs. Ideal for experienced professionals as well as new entrants to the industry seeking to gain a basic understanding of the upstream sector to contribute to team success.

Introduction to Petroleum Hedging

This course will simplify and remove the mystery surrounding petroleum hedging. You’ll get a practical understanding of petroleum hedging and price risk management and how it can benefit your company.

Oil Market Pricing Interrelationships

A myriad of non-oil and oil intermarket relationships continue to impact the price of oil. This must-attend course will help you understand all of the important interrelationships, from the various macro and micro-fundamentals, to the intricacies of the various financial and economic indicators.