2018 Digital Yield Tour Powered by Gro Intelligence

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Gro Logo RedWelcome to #DigitalYieldTour18, powered by Gro Intelligence.

Join us as we tour select farms in key production areas, as well as locations that have faced considerable weather woes. Find out how yield has fared with this season’s late, wet start for many, followed by drought and flooding for some.

During the tour, we’ll assess yield using Gro’s latest model technology. DTN’s award-winning editorial staff will discuss state-by-state averages and historical yields, plus weather challenges and pest pressures. At the end of our tour, you’ll receive a national overview, complete with a market outlook.

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Gro Intelligence is a leading edge software company that automatically harvests disparate agricultural data, transforms it into knowledge, and uses machine learning to allow stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem to make mission-critical business decisions. With offices in both New York and Nairobi, Gro’s mission is to create a more connected, efficient, and productive global food industry. Learn more at www.gro-intelligence.com

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In addition to providing this unique look at the 2018 crop, DTN/The Progressive Farmer will also be serving up its constant look at how the latest yield information, along with the rest of the day’s weather and events, influences commodity markets.


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