DTN Agronomic Insights Mobile App Enables Farmers to Proactively Address In-Season Risks and Increase Yields

The newly-released mobile app combines the power of localized data with customized reports and recommendations to support farm operations and increase yields

DTN, the leading provider of independent and actionable insights, released the DTN Agronomic Insights (DTN AI) app, designed to identify potential problems in farm fields before they grow into significant issues. This is the first mobile app on the market to deliver risk alerts, associated economic impacts, and a spray outlook to help guide informed decisions on when to treat fields for pests, weeds, and diseases.

“The DTN AI app underscores our commitment to helping our agriculture customers prosper,” said Mark Holland, senior vice president of agriculture and transportation at DTN. “Our app identifies potential issues and delivers insight-driven solutions before our customers are even aware they have an issue. This helps them be more proactive and increase their on-farm production. Additionally, the app enables farmers to seamlessly share insights and data with trusted consultants, if they prefer, driving collaboration on solutions that increase yield and decrease costs.”

The DTN AI app fills an information gap that many farmers face throughout the growing season. By using this technology, they will now be able to reliably and accurately evaluate their crops, both in real-time and in the future. DTN AI acts as a personal scouting assistant for farmers, combining information on field-specific weather, economic impact projections, pest outbreaks, and growth models to deliver customized decision support that is unique to each acre of land. It also features the ability for farmers to share their data and insights with trusted partners, such as crop consultants or agronomists, if they so choose.

App users can elect to receive risk alerts from the company’s comprehensive Dynamic Phenology™ tools, which provide visibility into insect lifecycles and optimal spray timing. Users are also alerted to which fields have the highest likelihood of potential diseases and pests, such as gray leaf spot, frogeye leafspot, and western bean cutworm outbreaks. Finally, DTN AI recommends proactive measures that can be taken before it’s too late or cost-prohibitive to treat.

DTN Agronomic Insights is available now in the App Store.