DTN and EFC Systems Announce Weather Data Integration Partnership

DTN announces a new integration partnership with EFC Systems that will allow ag retailers and growers to access premium weather data from the DTN Ag Weather Network.

The partnership will enable customers who use both EFC Systems’ FieldAlytics® and DTN to access current and historical weather and agronomic observations, as well as utilize DTN’s industry-leading weather forecasts. According to DTN/The Progressive Farmer Vice President of Agriculture Matt Bradford, the integrated solutions will enable agribusinesses to make better, more profitable decisions based on extremely accurate and actionable weather intelligence.

“EFC Systems is an industry leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and precision technology for agribusinesses. Combined with our game-changing weather insight, this partnership will provide more value to our mutual customers, which is critical during these highly competitive, low-margin times,” said Bradford.

Through the partnership, mutual customers using the FieldAlytics service can quickly identify impactful weather and agronomic conditions and understand future trends, which will allow them to make better field recommendations and increase customer engagement. It will also enable ag retail customers to efficiently plan and schedule operations for maximum efficiencies.

“This new integration will expand the weather-related offerings available to dealers and growers. With the data becoming accessible in FieldAlytics, we see this as very beneficial in providing even more accurate weather and ground condition information to support the decision process,” said EFC Systems President and Founder Ernie Chappell. “Yes, we often want to think global, but when it comes to weather, it’s about thinking local to your fields.”

Check out the technology solutions from EFC Systems at efcsystems.com.