DTN AviationSentry upgraded radar solution provides higher update frequency for all users

Customers of DTN AviationSentry®, the aviation industry’s unmatched weather solution for weather intelligence and data visualization, now have significant radar upgrade with high-resolution radar display, and more frequent and refresh rates. The update covers the complete AviationSentry suite, available for airlines and helicopters. 

RadarScope, the significant new addition to AviationSentryuses powerful radar display technologythat can track precipitation down to a hyper-local level to assess the impact. It uses single site radar data, instead of the mosaic radar data for more detailed weather information in seconds versus minutes. This means DTN aviation customer have the timeliest information to make critical weather decisions. 

Users will have the ability to overlay this layer on top of other critical weather information for better situational awareness during inclement weather events, including a better understanding of storm severity, storm rotation, hail potential, wind extremes, and other storm attributes.  

RadarScope is now available globally for AviationSentry professional and platinum service customers. For more information about the new features, visit AviationSentry Academy. To learn more about AviationSentry platinum services or start a free trial, visit DTN AviationSentry.