DTN Brings Local Weather Insights to Farmers Worldwide

Exclusive planning tools visualize precipitation and identify optimal field workability and spray windows for local farmers around the world.

DTN, a leading provider of independent weather insights, has added unmatched weather capabilities to its premier agriculture weather solution, WeatherSentry® Global Agricultural Edition. These updates will benefit farmers around the world as they look to grow crops to feed the world. DTN’s upgrades include Global Precipitation Nowcast, Spray Outlook and Field Outlook capabilities, which help farmers make critical growing decisions that can increase their production.

DTN is filling a significant information gap that farmers around the world experience. With the addition of Global Precipitation Nowcast, farmers in the most remote corners of the world will be better able to understand how much precipitation has occurred over the past three hours in their area. From that data, DTN will provide insights that farmers can use to make informed decisions.

The DTN Spray Outlook tool combines real-time access to weather forecasts, along with customizable parameters for the specific product being sprayed to show the best windows for application time that help minimize spray drift, runoff and other chemical application issues that can negatively impact operations and communities. Additionally, the DTN Field Outlook tool combines precipitation and award-winning global forecasts to alert producers to the most optimal field workability window.

“We know that our customers want to maximize their growing season. Weather is one of the most important factors they consider when determining the right time to plant, apply chemicals to or harvest any field,” said Jim Block, chief meteorological officer at DTN. “Our insights provide unmatched precipitation information as well as spray and field visualization that can support their decision making. Our solutions help producers improve operations and avoid costly mistakes and reapplications.”

The new capabilities are now available, free of charge, to those who subscribe to WeatherSentry Global Agriculture Edition. For more information about DTN and our weather solutions, visit www.dtn.com.