DTN Extends Offering to Serve In-House Fuel Buyers

DTN, a leading information services company, announced today that is leveraging its expertise in the downstream oil & gas market and expanding services to a new segment in 2018.  They are bringing its industry-leading solutions to large consumers of fuel, such as trucking fleets, mass transit, rail and waste. DTN will help organizations address industry challenges by offering real-time allocation updates, normalized data and cost savings for in-house fuel desks.

Allocation Updates

The ability to track allocations is essential in a fast paced and ever-evolving market. Real-time product updates offer organizations the ability to track fuel allocations at all times and ensure optimization of data and decision-making processes. DTN’s automated systems can assist companies with small fuel desks by removing the need for manual entry, and automatically sharing allocation data across all channels.

Normalized Data

When it comes to organizations which operate large fleets, multiple suppliers can lead to a variety of invoice templates. The normalization of data is imperative for companies to build a streamlined process that avoids manual mistakes while saving time and money. DTN solutions help validate information between the bill of lading and the supplier invoice, automatically ensuring uniform data and correct client charges. Normalized data provides in-house fuel desks with a cleaner, more efficient way of doing business.

Cost Savings

Normalized data collection and up-to-date allocation tracking saves these organizations valuable time and money. Companies can gather and distribute data in an effective way, making real time pricing and purchasing decisions less labor intensive. Optimization of fuel usage gives companies the ability to cut manual labor costs, saving valuable time and improving the bottom line.

The time for automation and innovation is now, and DTN is proud to provide organizations that buy fuel in-house with the savings and solutions they need.

DTN is the premier downstream oil and gas automation provider, working continuously to develop new offerings that meet customer needs. Through tight-knit relationships with its customers, DTN is able solve their challenges with cutting-edge technology.