DTN Selected by Ireland’s National Meteorological Service, Met Éireann

DTN awarded the Aviation Modernization and Automation Project to provide automated weather observing systems at main airports in Ireland

DTN, a leading provider of information services, announced today that it has been selected by the leading provider of weather information in Ireland, Met Éireann to deliver its Aviation Modernization and Automation Project (AMAP).

Through the project, Met Éireann is implementing the DTN MetConsole® Aviation Weather Suite, an industry-leading platform that will enable automated weather observing systems (AWOS) at five of the main airports in Ireland, including Dublin Airport. MetConsole® will be the backbone of the AMAP system, a nationwide project to modernize the entire aviation meteorological observation infrastructure and will allow for the future development of fully automated observations at some airports.

Met Éireann chose DTN and MetConsole because it can be fully customized and configured to the organization’s specifications including:

  • Integration of both existing on-airport sensors along with newly acquired sensors
  • Meet specific and local system requirements
  • Operate uninterrupted while generating relevant automated weather information that is distributed and displayed to all stakeholders

“Met Éireann will benefit from this upgrade through the development of a network of fully integrated and automatic weather observation systems at all of the State’s main airports.” said Tony Tighe, Head of Aviation Services. “The AMAP system is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the weather observation service while simultaneously enhancing services to the aviation community and minimizing the cost of implementation and operation.”

“DTN is committed to providing best-in-class solutions and is the ideal provider for Met Éireann,” said Jon Reifschneider, senior vice president of DTN Weather. “The ability to customize and configure the solution will enable the organization to maximize resources and provide accurate and consistent weather information to all airports.”

Collaborating with Met Éireann establishes a new generation of product and service delivery show casing the DTN ability to manage and deliver nation-wide projects such as AMAP.