DTN Solves Bill of Lading Reconciliation Challenges

DTN, the most trusted provider of actionable insights, is releasing a BOL Reconciliation tool that will save thousands of dollars in invoicing and billing processes. DTN TIMS® Bill of Lading (BOL) Recon enables users to better manage these documents in one central platform.

“In refined fuels, the average value of one BOL can easily top $15,000. When BOLs are incorrect or lost, revenue and profits are impacted. Not to mention staff time spent on reconciling the information can be used elsewhere,” said Sara Hordinski, senior vice president of energy at DTN. “At DTN, we are committed to helping our customers prosper by providing them the insights and information they need to improve their business. Building a solution that can eliminate manual data entry errors and improve the BOL process is just one example of that commitment.”

Currently, suppliers spend considerable time and effort identifying missing BOLs then working with terminal operators to resubmit documents for invoicing. DTN TIMS BOL Recon helps suppliers identify lost documents before customers may realize they were overlooked and ensure BOLs are reconciled in a timely fashion.

DTN TIMS BOL Recon automatically looks for missing BOLs every 24 hours and notifies users if any are found. Users can also set up a watch list that enables them to manually add and search for the missing documentation, if needed.