Course Overview

This comprehensive course takes a detailed look at the entire petroleum complex, focusing on the operational details of the upstream, midstream, and downstream. Follow crude oil from the point of production through the formulation of gasoline and diesel products. Ask your most basic questions as we focus on the who, what, where, when and how of the industry. Terms, jargon and concepts common to industry experts will be made clear with our ground-up approach that brings insight to the novice as well as to veterans looking for an expanded or refreshed view of the business.

      • Conventional and non-conventional crude oil production.
      • Refining basics from distillation to cracking.
      • Domestic pipelines and fuel distribution practices.
      • Gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel characteristics.
      • Spot, wholesale(rack), and retail pricing concepts.
      • NYMEX futures concepts.
      • Global factors and considerations.

      Live vs. On Demand Courses
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      Please Note: Exact content will differ between our Live and and On Demand courses. CPE credits not available for On Demand courses. On Demand courses also do not contain any listed trading simulations, group exercises etc. See the Petroleum Industry Fundamentals On Demand course description for full details.

    • This course will benefit anyone seeking a top-to-bottom, fundamental education in the petroleum industry. Perfect for oil company management and staff, marketers, pipelines, schedulers, interdepartmental transfers, finance management, administrative personnel, human resource personnel and those considering entering the industry.