DTN Rack Data can be your competitive advantage in these ever-changing energy markets. DTN Rack Data provides you the ability to leverage rack pricing shifts to improve margins, real-time price alerts, and provide position analysis to plan for the future.


DTN Rack Data

  • Change indicators show clear direction for futures, physical prices, and basis differentials
  • Advanced price alerts to help make fast and profitable decisions right away
  • Fuel ticker data for direct pricing
  • Real-time visibility into fuel supplier price moves
  • Benchmark numbers at 6 a.m.
  • Readily available DTN data analysis experts customize data and reports based on your business profile and custom needs
  • Multi-year historical archives with complete pricing data to evaluate bids, compare suppliers or improve hedging
  • Customizable data dashboards
  • Clear and defined methodology that enables a fair playing field for counterparties
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated customer support representatives


The choice is clear if you want to stay ahead in today’s global fuel markets. DTN Rack Data can help you assess the competitive fuel market positions using ten years of historical data, complete real-time data, and the most advanced position analysis on the market today to plan ahead.

It’s time for you to command the global fuel markets, make smart decisions, and leverage data to boost margins.

Improve margins with a new benchmark for rack data

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DTN FastRacks® by the numbers

DTN FastRacks is known for its superior pricing data and customer service. We work to ensure that the data it provides is accurate, timely, and able to be seamlessly integrated into your back-offiice tools.

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DTN FastRacks Fun Facts

Three easy steps to switch to DTN Rack Data:

  1. Find out when your existing contract expires and begin planning now to give 90-days in advance of current contract expiration so that you don’t end up with extra subscription costs.

  3. Take an inventory of what fuel contracts may be tied to existing contract low and average; begin advising your fuel suppliers of your intention to renegotiate those contracts now or when they are up for renewal.

  5. Contact your DTN sales person to request rack price histories so you can compare the value and savings of using DTN FastRacks vs. your current vendor or let us help you with your analysis using our DTN ProphetX® analytics platform.


Request a demo today and find out why more fuel professionals are choosing DTN Rack Data.

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