Risk Management Advisory Services

Today’s reality is that any company with energy market exposure can no longer afford to operate without a sound risk management program.

Maybe you’ve tried to hedge with varying degrees of success. Or maybe you’ve not had the time or are unsure of how to get started. We can help. Our experts will develop and help you deploy a dynamic, responsible risk management program that is specifically tailored to your company. Our programs focus on margin preservation, not speculation.

Your Outsourced Risk Management Team

In today’s volatile energy market, you can’t afford to put off preserving your margins or mitigating your upside price exposure.

One of the best ways to protect your company is to put DTN Institute Risk Advisory Services experts to work for you.

When you become a DTN Institute Risk Advisory Services client, we become your dedicated hedging/risk management team. We’ll work with you to develop a solid risk management program designed to lock in low prices while protecting your margins from future price spikes.

DTN Institute will develop a comprehensive risk management program designed to meet your unique needs with three objectives:

  • Limit the upside price risk of energy product purchases.
  • Manage (preserve) margins.
  • Develop a price risk management strategy for your company to use going forward.

Using more than 30 years of experience in energy risk management, DTN Institute experts will also:

  • Continuously monitor your hedge position to ensure that it remains balanced with physical procurement.
  • Advise you when to adjust positions so that they reflect your specific objectives.
  • Ensure that the risk strategies and objectives remain viable with the marketplace and with any changes you introduce into your business plan.
  • Focus on your company’s goals — our plan will give you specific hedging strategies designed to meet your unique needs.

DTN Institute experts are widely respected for independent, practical business and technical expertise that you will not find anywhere else.