DTN Exchange®

Real-Time Data On-Demand + An Online Trading Platform

In the refined fuels industry, seconds count. Prices can go up or down at any time, and fuel sellers can find themselves scrambling to adjust. If they don’t do it fast enough, or work with their partners to do so, they can quickly find themselves out of touch with the market. The hard and soft costs could be substantial. DTN has the solution: DTN Exchange.

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Streamlining selling.

DTN Exchange is an online trading platform that enables you to make confident decisions by using our smart and actionable insights at the speed of the internet to easily manage your supply, especially your excesses, and get the best prices..

  • Forecast and manage supply better with real-time information.
  • Communicate through a live, open channel with as many qualified potential buyers as you want any time.
  • Learn what they have planned and adjust your sales strategy to match, you can reserve product for specific customers, and more.
  • Automate the integration of transaction information between your business and your customers, and save the time and errors associated with manual input.
  • Minimize your risk exposure by creating short-term contracts, driving rack activity with real-time pricing, navigating volatile markets, and more.
  • This kind of activity is possible only when you have the real-time information DTN Exchange offers.


Drive added operational efficiency.

DTN Exchange enables you to make the best possible decisions and limit your exposure and risk. You also have the ability to act quickly, and position yourself for success within the market. By offering the best prices based on the best information, both you and your customers win.

  • DTN Exchange enables you to integrate information into your back-office processes with sophisticated handling capabilities.
  • It also gives you instant notification of trades and a trading report that tracks your transactions.
  • When prices go up and down during the day, marketers can take advantage of DTN Exchange’s real-time transactions by locking in a price in any market environment.
  • Not only can you often secure favorable prices, but you also can take advantage of extended lifting terms and be assured that the product is going to be available when your carrier arrives at the rack.
  • Dispose of distressed inventory at the highest possible price with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Set and manage pricing variables and purchase limits to help you manage inventory and credit exposure while broadening your buyer base.

As a result, suppliers and marketers both can reap the benefits of using DTN Exchange.

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