DTN Fuel Seller®

Does Your Homework For You

From a single screen, the DTN Fuel Seller dashboard provides a continuously updated summary of market activity.

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DTN Fuel Seller does your homework for you.

DTN Fuel Seller watches a steady onslaught of real-time market data, seeking pricing opportunities based on rules you define allowing you to not only keep up, but grow and thrive.

  • Automatically receive pricing proposals for review when market scenarios meeting your criteria occur.
  • Once your pricing decisions are made, DTN Fuel Seller makes it easy to directly publish prices, as often as needed throughout the day, to your authorized customers.
  • Compare real-time specifics like competitor rack prices with your prices, as well as more granular data such as core pricing metrics (current and rolling seven- or 30- day averages), real-time sales, variance to target strategy, margin, and rack rank.


Unmatched time to value.

DTN Fuel Seller provides an uninterrupted pricing focus to identify every incremental pricing improvement possible helping you make the best possible pricing decisions and then quickly publishing them, all from a single screen.

  • DTN Fuel Seller dashboard makes it easy to see and understand trends, thanks to a broad, clear view of indicators such as intra-day rack prices, news, futures, and spot prices.
  • Easy implementation with support from DTN to implement DTN Fuel Seller quickly, then follow up with expert support to minimize the impact on your IT staff.
  • Eliminates complexity, risk, data integration, and the cost of dedicated hardware and infrastructure for managing a pricing system.

There’s nothing more essential to operating successfully today than having access to the latest, best market information. DTN has been the preferred vendor for downstream supply chain optimization and refined fuels marketing and distribution solutions for more than 25 years.

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