Meet a Met: Eric Brozefsky

Senior Marine Meteorologist Eric Brozefsky

DTN Weather,
June 18, 2018

Eric Brozefsky

Penn State University – B.S. in Meteorology

Sr. Marine Meteorologist

Has been with DTN since Sept 30, 2017 – with Wilkens Weather Technologies since November 2003.


What is your favorite part about being in MetOps?

Helping clients and fellow co-workers.

What is the most challenging part of being in MetOps?

Meeting the strict deadlines to get forecasts out on time, while maintaining quality.

What is the craziest weather event you’ve experienced personally?

Hurricane Harvey and the flooding.

What is the craziest weather event you’ve helped a client with?

Answering clients’ questions when they are threatened by a tropical cyclone.

What has been your most exciting day on the job?

When I flew in a helicopter to go offshore and be an on-site met.

What is one weather myth you always correct people on?

I’ve had to correct people from time to time that being a meteorologist, I do not study meteors.

Alright, now a fun fact about yourself!

My favorite TV show is Monsters Inside Me.