Meet a Met: Ryan Fulton

Marine Product Manager Ryan Fulton

DTN Weather,
June 25, 2018

Ryan Fulton

Florida State Univ – Meteorology, Univ of Houston – MBA

Marine Product Manager

Has been with DTN since the Wilkens Weather Technologies acquisition in September 2017. 10 years with Wilkens before that.


What is the craziest weather event you’ve experienced personally?

I was caught in a water spout coming ashore. Sandblast!

What is the craziest weather event you’ve helped a client with?

Hurricane Katrina approaching the central GOMEX

What has been your most exciting day on the job?

“Process Walk” at Boeing’s Everett assembly plant where we went deep into the modules of 777 and 787 aircraft while they were being assembled.

What is one weather myth you always correct people on?

We are not all TV meteorologists.

Any fun weather facts you’d like to share?

Being from Florida and now living in Texas, I have ridden out over 10 Hurricanes.

Alright, now a fun fact about yourself!

Though I am not from the North, having lived in the South US my entire life, I am an avid ice hockey player. There’s a surprisingly large hockey following in Houston, with so many “transplants” from the North US and Canada.