DTN Partners in the United Nations’ Project Climate Smart

August 2, 2017

Omaha Neb. And Minneapolis – DTN announced the implementation of Project Climate Smart to address the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. Climate Smart is designed to help increase food production in areas besieged by hunger brought on, in part, by greater weather volatility. DTN, through its partner NGO is participating in the UN General Assembly and assisting the UN efforts alongside other global organizations to achieve the goal of ending world hunger by the year 2030, universal access to safe, nutritious food and promoting sustainable agriculture.

DTN is committed to delivering innovative technology to develop a more sustainable infrastructure to help achieve these ambitious, change-driven goals. The company is working hard to address these challenges with deployment of new agriculture weather tools designed to improve harvest productivity, reduce the risks of weather volatility and create a more sustainable environment.

Comprehensive weather information is a key resource to achieve the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. For its part, DTN is providing industry-leading agriculture insights and solutions across the globe. This includes the deployment of field-based weather stations and soil sensors, which help support better local decisions to improve sustainable food production through the combination of weather observations, forecasts, and agronomic data. Use of these helps farmers realize the benefits of precision agriculture.

“We are proud to be joining the fight to create a sustainable food supply to help end world hunger,” said Ron Sznaider, president of DTN. “Our 35 years of experience in the agriculture industry and commitment to continuous innovations in agriculture weather intelligence make us a great partner for this cause.”

Greater weather volatility leads to an increase in extreme temperatures and precipitation events. These conditions can create dangerous droughts, floods and heat waves that can threaten lives and food supplies. Changes in weather are already affecting growing seasons in many areas of the world, bringing added challenges and opportunities to farmers trying to support growing populations, making these united efforts even more important.

Project Climate Smart will soon launch its pilot project in the Republic of Iraq.