Improved Planning and Scheduling with Turnkey Implementation Now Offered in Latest Version of DTN TABS Allocation Viewer

August 22, 2017

Minneapolis and Omaha, Neb., August 22, 2017 – DTN, a leading information services company, announced today its latest enhancements to DTN TABS™ Allocation Viewer which provides your customers with improved clarity of product availability for efficient planning and scheduling and, now, turnkey implementation for suppliers of all sizes. A provider of industry leading automation technology to 90 percent of the supplier market, DTN is constantly improving products based on customer feedback to meet their evolving business needs.

Improved Planning and Scheduling
The latest enhancements to DTN TABS Allocation Viewer continue to improve product visibility for supplier’s customers. In today’s tight commodity market, customers need insight into their allocation availability and ratability for efficient planning and scheduling. Supply events such as a pipeline disruption, planned or unplanned maintenance and weather can all impact allocations at the rack. Real-time allocation information and supply event alerts which can be added to the latest version of the DTN TABS Allocation Viewer empower customers to be proactive. By helping their customers to maximize each load and avoid being turned away at the rack, suppliers with the latest DTN TABS Allocation Viewer are easier to do business with than even before.

Turnkey Implementation
Streamlining implementation for suppliers of all sizes, DTN TABS now offers its Allocation Viewer solution with little to no development effort needed. Adding this functionality to the existing software allows the solution to be exposed to new customers with greater price options. By bypassing unnecessary development efforts, the new DTN TABS Allocation Viewer provides turnkey implementation for immediate availability to suppliers’ customers.

Based on customer needs, DTN TABS Allocation Viewer can be right-sized for each supplier, ensuring the advanced lifting information system is most effective for them with varying price and configuration options.

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