Z-Trap 1
Automate trapping, counting, and reporting of insects with real-time data from your fields or orchards. Install these smart insect traps at the start of the season and easily monitor pest populations from your computer and iOS or Android devices. You’ll be able to analyze data, catch problems faster, and target pesticides with greater precision to protect yields.

DTN Smart Trap
DTN Smart Trap is an automated, intelligent, inter-enabled insect camera trap. It uses deep-learning algorithms to count and report on target insects in near real time — reliably excluding non-target pests. You can also receive daily reports and track totals through mobile and web platforms. DTN Smart Trap supports more precise biofix and phenology models for strategic spraying.

We offer transparent, visual, and configurable ag models that match your needs. We believe technology should support and enrich human decisions – not replace them.

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