DTN Smart Trap

DTN Agronomic Platform

DTN Agronomic Platform

DTN Agronomic Platform (AP) empowers your best decisions. With it, you can operate more efficiently while helping your customers protect critical yields and profit margins through more targeted recommendations. You’ll also be able to earn more money for your business.

DTN AP helps you:

  • Significantly impact your customers’ yields and pocketbooks with sharper analysis of problems, trends, and issues by grower.
  • Quickly collect quantitative, agronomically-relevant data with problem-specific questions, paths, photos, and more.
  • Easily document and monitor pests and pesticide use with traps in the field.
  • Optimize sampling with easily collection and submission of soil, water, and tissue samples.
  • Centralized your results with easy integration of third-party soil, water, and tissue testing labs.
  • Target your dispatching based the most-costly problems, helping to reduce travel and boost effectiveness.
  • Ensure successful fields by targeting critical nutrients, irrigation, and more, with user-friendly tools.

See the DTN scouting system in action, including how it records observations, shows field conditions, demonstrates economic impact, creates reports, and more.

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