DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights

Spot and solve problems before they grow with DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights.

  • Enhance your scouting data
    Increase the value of your pest-related recommendations with economic impact projections. Our growth-stage models offer deeper insights into crop progress, while the growing degree days calculator ensures targeted timing.
    • Economic impact
      Better decide how to intervene by seeing the monetary impact of problems on your costs and your customers’ RIO.
  • Don’t just record data — enrich it
    Ensure optimal, efficient treatments with our traditional or new Dynamic Phenology™ tools. They provide proactive insights into crop growth stages and growing degree days — plus pest trends and alerts.
    • Chill hours and degree days
      Easily calculate location-specific chill hours and degree days.
    • Phenology
      Better anticipate pest problems with our standard growth and timing models.
    • Dynamic Phenology
      Increase visibility into a range of pest issues with our proprietary Dynamic Phenology models.
  • Current, complete field imagery

    Color, NIR, and NDVI imagery is available to help you analyze and document issues.

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