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You must make and manage spot transactions, offers, positions, hedges, and more. You have to create accurate documentation of everything happening with your business. You also have a responsibility to provide quality service, and help your customers optimize their own grain trading to make the best possible profits in tough times. The better you can manage all of this, the more everyone wins.

Simple, efficient grain trading

DTN Grain Portal streamlines and simplifies the entire grain trading process.

• Enter all spot transactions, make and manage offers, and place all hedge orders for your company positions—not just orders associated with offers.

• Automate cancellations and replacements of hedge orders when you change your basis or adjust offers, saving time and money.

• Centralize all company-owned and hedge positions, buy/sell offers, and transactions, and monitor them in real time with snapshot features.

DTN Grain Portal streamlines and simplifies the entire grain trading process, centralizing all offers and providing integrated hedging to optimize and protect everyone’s bottom line. It supports easy, real-time management of transactions and allows customers to maximize cash marketing. DTN Grain Portal drives efficiency at all levels of the process, for everyone involved. In short, it has become ag’s most trusted front-end system for grain trading.

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