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In agribusiness today, those who have the latest market information and insights can make better decisions with greater confidence. The more accurate and timely your information is, the more money you can make—and the more you can help your customers do the same. It’s truly that simple.

With so much at stake, DTN ProphetX has emerged as the most trusted ag information service on the market. It’s a central repository for real-time quotes, analysis, news, weather, and information from the best sources in the industry. Also, its powerful analytical tools can help you act quickly to maximize your profits and gain a competitive edge.

The best information. Period.

At DTN, we’ve made significant investments in innovation that helps us gather and aggregate the best possible information. We have our own ticker plant, proprietary research, and the most awarded editorial staff in the industry. As a result, our customers receive a true 360-degree, real-time view of the ag market, including:

• Comprehensive domestic and international industry and market news.

• Basis historicals, proprietary cash grain market information, moving averages, and tick-by-tick commodity quotes—straight from the market.

• Expert analysis of all of the above, presented in a variety of formats from short-form summaries to longer commentaries.

• Premier, proprietary weather information from our own unmatched network of weather stations, managed by our team of degreed meteorologists (Our temperature and precipitation forecasts have been independently rated the best in the United States for the last 10 years).

How this information translates to profit

DTN ProphetX also helps you interpret and act upon this information. You can:

• Maximize profits and minimize risk— year-over-year charting (including being able to see cash prices on a layered map), moving averages, and many other analytical tools enable you to interpret market information more accurately. You also can use pre-formatted pages specific to your industry, such as grain or livestock, without updating your customized workbook pages.

• Download, install, and activate it within minutes.

• Integrate it with Microsoft Excel to better analyze critical data and drive better decisions

• Set up alerts that enable you to respond analyze critical data and drive better decisions. immediately when market prices for futures, options, and equities hit your targets—ensuring you make your desired margins and profits.

• Use mobile apps for iOS and Android that enable you to access critical market information and conduct your business anywhere, anytime.

• Make more accurate plans with better, unbiased insights into what the weather or the market may do in both the near term and over the long run.

• Manage your information and analysis at a glance; our intuitive user interface presents everything in a variety of layouts without having to switch back and forth.

See for yourself how DTN ProphetX gives you and your customers the best possible information—and a competitive edge in the market.

Click here for a free trial, or here to learn more about DTN ProphetX.

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