DTN Ag Weather Tools

Weather is one of your biggest risk factors, particularly for field operations. With yields and bottom lines dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of weather-driven decisions, you need relevant, trustworthy information at all times.

That’s the purpose of DTN Ag Weather Tools. Available for iOS® and Android™, this subscription app delivers detailed, farm-level insights from ag’s largest weather station network. With it, you can improve operational planning, maximize resources, and control costs.

Its unique dashboard interface allows you to easily monitor critical details, including wind and precipitation alerts, at a glance. DTN Ag Weather Tools also delivers current observations, detailed hourly forecasts out to 36 hours, and daily forecasts out to 15 days — all continually updated.

Be the first to know when the weather will impact one of your locations or your current position with its custom mobile alerts, based on your chosen criteria. And with its unique layered maps, you can choose how you view numerous kinds of available data — including radar, satellite, temperatures, precipitation, storm corridors, dew point, and more.

Specialty tools for everyday challenges

DTN Ag Weather Tools offers several specialty weather management tools, including:

  • NEW! A spray outlook that helps minimize drift and inversion issues common with today’s chemicals by providing clear, color-coded risk forecasts (on iOS only; coming soon on Android).
  • A rain gauge that tracks current and historical precipitation, as well as evapotranspiration data with field-level precision.
  • A wind monitor that alerts you to wind speed and direction changes, supporting optimal spraying decisions.
  • A precipitation timing tool that shows when rain, snow, or ice will start, how strong it will be, and what time it will end for a specific location.

Put DTN Ag Weather Tools to work for you with our 30-day free trial. Click on the appropriate button below for your mobile device.

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