DTN Nitrogen

DTN Nitrogen

Nitrogen is critical to successful crop production — especially for corn. If your levels are too low your yields will suffer, but over applying this expensive input can erode your margins. Giving you even less bang for your buck — it’s estimated, on average, 40 percent of all applied nitrogen is lost.

A number of dynamic factors within your production environment can affect your nitrogen levels — and needs can vary from year to year. Complicating matters, weather conditions can make it difficult to apply the right product rate at the right time. DTN Nitrogen, powered by Adapt-N, solves these issues.

Change how you see nitrogen

DTN Nitrogen, offered in partnership with Agronomic Technology Corp., provides proven world-class nitrogen management tools. In independent study, the technology has demonstrated a $30/acre boost in profits and a 35 percent reduction in nitrogen loss. It also won the 2017 global Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge.

The solution provides science-based, robust nitrogen modeling for proactive alerts, diagnostics, and recommendations. It also allows you to analyze five seasons of nitrogen loss for by subfield, field, or zone. You can even compare custom management scenarios to improve planning.

When paired with an onsite DTN Ag Weather Station for highly-accurate, field-level weather observations and forecasts, DTN Nitrogen helps:

  • Maximize yields by ensuring optimal nitrogen levels
  • Limit loss through ideal application rates and timing
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary treatments

By taking the guess work out of your nitrogen applications, you can ensure product gets where it is needed — fortifying your yields and trimming your costs.

Target your nitrogen use with DTN Nitrogen. Click here to learn more.

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