DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition

Today, it’s common for cattle feeders to feel bombarded by factors outside their control. Falling cattle prices, growing market volatility, and other stressful variables make it increasingly hard to manage your business and make decent profits. In addition, managing weather threats is critical to a herd’s health and producer’s bottom line. Now, more than ever, you need real-time information about what’s happening.

DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition was designed to do just that. It’s an easy-to-use information service with the latest, most comprehensive actionable insights on current and historical cash prices, commodity quotes, ag and market news, weather, and more. Its proprietary tools can also help you analyze your positions and make sound market decisions. We also deliver the most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts you need to minimize threats to your herd. All of this keeps you better informed in real-time to help maximize your profitability.

Calculate and optimize your profitability

DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition supplies real-time break even and profitability calculators to help you determine how today’s market impacts your bottom line. With them, you can:

• Input your production information, prices, rations, etc.

• Know when to change rations to be more profitable, while keeping your targeted rate of gain.

• Create and run multiple feed and price scenarios to see how different dynamics might affect your profitability.

• Generate custom feed and ration options for different markets and seasons, based on your current situation.

• Determine costs for corn, silage, distillers, grain, bean meal, hay, and supplements.

• Track key variables — such as feeder calf prices, cost of gain, and market prices — all in real time.

Accelerating feed costs and an uncertain market environment make it difficult to operate profitably. The quality and timeliness of our information is critical for making daily decisions and finding profitable options — especially hedging opportunities.

Valuable insights and analysis

DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition also provides several streams of information and analysis to help you better manage your business.

• Our industry-renowned analysts provide simple-to-follow market recommendations and proprietary insights on items like cash grain bids, and unbiased daily analysis on cash, futures, and options strategies. You also have access to the latest news and weather information, unique insight on feedstuffs and cattle prices, real-time updates from the USDA and other leading information sources, and much more.

• We offer more weather observation points than any other agricultural company. View national and regional radar, state and local forecasts, and short and long-range forecasts for insight into weather conditions that can impact market prices.

• Information from all domestic and major international exchanges is available, and presented in easy-to-read fashion:

– Year-over-year, moving averages, and other trend charts.

– Pre-formatted pages for livestock and grains.

– Split-screen views for multiple information sources.

– Customized quote content for specific livestock displays.

• Dynamic link quote sheets to chart windows, news indexes, and real-time and historical data through applications like Microsoft® Excel®.

• Access both local and national cash bids and basis information. Compare your local prices to national averages, and set up alerts so you can take immediate action when your targets are reached.

All of this valuable insight helps you navigate volatile markets and make sound marketing decisions — protecting your bottom line.

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