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Back in the day, 24-hour pricing was standard in the fuel buying industry. But today, thanks to technology and other industry evolutions, rack prices change multiple times every day. Accordingly, buyers need real-time price information more than ever so they can react and adapt quicker to changes and be more profitable.

DTN FastRacks gives fuel buyers an edge in today’s market. It features the fastest, most comprehensive, most accurate pricing information in the industry, and updates all of that in real-time as changes take place. When prices change, the system can alert you accordingly in real-time. Price position reports are delivered multiple times each day that help you assess your market position and buying strategies. It also leverages a three-year archive of historical pricing data to help you better determine which supplier offers the best pricing, whether branded or unbranded products are your best option, improve hedging, and more.

There is no more accurate source of rack price discovery than DTN FastRacks. In today’s fuel buying world, where time literally is money, DTN FastRacks is your key to a competitive edge and a better bottom line.

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