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Fuel sellers used to only have to adjust to pricing changes every 24 hours, but today rack prices change multiple times every day. Those sellers who have real-time pricing information, and who can react and adapt quicker to change than their competitors, will be more profitable and successful. Those without that kind of data will lose more money and fall further behind the pack with each passing day.

DTN FastRacks gives you a selling edge in today’s market. With the fastest, most comprehensive, most accurate pricing information in the industry, you know what’s happening as soon as it happens. As prices change, the system can alert you accordingly with snapshot price position reports delivered periodically throughout the day. It also leverages a three-year archive of historical pricing and selling data to help you benchmark contracts, validate your own pricing, and much more.

In this thin-margin industry, superior market intelligence is your key to a competitive edge and a better bottom line. There is no more accurate, timely source of rack price discovery than DTN FastRacks.

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