DTN Instant Market

Businesses in the agriculture supply chain know that fast access to accurate market data is essential. For professionals supporting trading activity, information must be correct, complete, and trusted.

That’s the purpose of DTN Instant Market. Available via browser or app, it delivers vital information and targeted tools for busy professionals who need high-level market awareness.

Must-have tools & insight

DTN Instant Market is streamlined to provide you with reliable access to market data — without the added bells and whistles or the expense of a full-scale trading solution.

You’ll get:

• Comprehensive, real-time or delayed spot and futures market data, as well as proprietary content

• Detailed quote sheets that can be quickly linked to charts

• Multiple, personalized workspaces for fast market access

• Insightful charts, tools, and studies to support decisions

• Scrolling news from industry leaders

• Our own futures, indices, and market statistics

The high-level visibility you need

While DTN Instant Market is made to quickly deliver accurate data, it does so with your needs and budget in mind. It provides ease of use and cloud-based accessibility, while eliminating firewall and local support issues. And because it offers streamlined data and tools, it can be offered at a lower price-point than our more robust desktop market data solution.

Click here for a free trial, or click here to learn more.

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