Blade Inspection

Proactively inspect blades and reduce repair costs

Avoid more expensive repair or blade replacement by identifying turbines for inspection for lightning damage with the help of Blade Inspection from DTN. Repair blade damage in place before the damage can propagate and cause a far more expensive repair or even full blade replacement and minimize generation loss due to turbine shutdown due to blade failure.

WeatherSentry® combines the best global lightning detection networks with automated intelligence to generate a daily report you can use at each farm to do this proactive inspection. Reports include not only the turbines that were in close proximity to lightning strikes but all the details about each strike–distance, amperage, polarity, time and location.

You can also get real time inspection alerts if you wish–monitoring centers can determine whether to restart turbines after a fault or inspect it first. All lightning data from inspections is permanently archived in a database you can query at any time.

Use the lightning event archive to:

  • create inspection punchlists for any timeframe
  • submit warranty or insurance claims
  • analyze frequency of turbine strikes and see what turbines warrant additional lightning protection investment
  • review inspection activities over any time period

All the information you need for efficient wind operations

DTN not only provides Blade Inspection but through WeatherSentry Wind Edition includes unique weather visualizations accurate forecasts, including hub height wind speeds, weather alerts, and OnDemand meteorological consultations. All of this information is easily accessed online or on your smartphone, for better-informed decision making. Catch potential issues before they become big problems, with help from DTN.

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