Meteorology Consulting For The Renewable Energy Industry

Plan wind farm maintenance schedules around inclement weather

Weather for wind farms is very different than for consumers or even most businesses. Winds at hub or blade heights can be very different than at the surface. Lightning is a serious safety concern, with significant lead times needed to get down-tower to safety. Blade icing is an issue and it’s not like road ice – it has its own characteristics that can cause shutdowns, even for extended periods. Planning maintenance schedules, determining generation, and keeping technicians safe can be a real challenge, especially for far flung national or global operations. Trust our expert meteorologists to help you make smarter decisions.

DTN Expert OnCall meteorology consulting services provide you with weather-related decision support solutions specifically tailored for wind farm operations and maintenance professionals. Through DTN, be able to consult on difficult weather decisions, and set up customized forecast or alerting solutions tailored to your needs. Better understand the risk, or likelihood, of different scenarios so you can truly make the best calls.

Don’t take chances with the safety of your employees or your expensive, valuable turbines and blades. Learn more about our DTN Expert OnCall meteorology consulting services and schedule a free demo.

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