Safer crews. Safer roads. Safer community.

There’s only one thing better than correcting hazardous driving conditions—preventing them. And with RoadCast, a module of WeatherSentry Transportation Edition, you can do both. It combines your pavement profiles with our accurate forecasts and modeling to provide a clear picture of pavement temperatures in your service area—all on a single, innovative interface. Making it easy for you to not only treat icy conditions, but pre-treat at-risk areas, like bridges and decks, before problem conditions even occur, to ensure safer road travel for your community and your crews.

Saving time, money, and the environment, all in one.

With more accurate forecasts, you can better choose the treatment you’re going to use, including which chemicals and what amount, which can help you cut down on your environmental impact. You can also avoid unnecessary treatments, saving you money on labor and fuel. And RoadCast provides anti-icing recommendations either based on FHWA rules or tailored to your specifications, taking any guesswork out of your operations. Combine that with access to our experienced meteorologists and the most accurate forecasts in the industry, and it’s clear why you need RoadCast to keep your operations running smoothly and your roads clean, clear, and safe.

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