RoadCast® Pavement Forecast

Advanced Notification and decision support

There’s only one thing better than correcting hazardous driving conditions—preventing them. And with Roadcast, a module within WeatherSentry, you can do both. It combines real time RWIS data with your pavement profiles with DTN accurate forecasts and modeling to provide a clear picture of pavement conditions in your service area—all on a single, innovative interface. Coupled with automated and configurable Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) functionality, Roadcast makes it easy for you to not only treat icy conditions, but pre-treat at-risk areas, like bridges and decks, before problem conditions even occur, to ensure safer road travel for your community and your crews.

Precision atmospheric and pavement forecasting

Most maintenance personnel can easily identify at least one or two locations in their specific territories that are the first to get slick when precipitation begins — the locations that are the first to require maintenance attention to keep the road safe for the traveling public.

The first information needed to create a pavement forecast for such locations is an accurate pavement profile. This profile identifies the type of layers of the surface and sub-surface of the roadway and the depth of each layer. This information is used by the pavement model to determine such factors as heat gain or heat loss of the road surface.

Once the pavement profile is received, DTN can complete the pavement forecast with its acclaimed accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts. DTN starts with a host of numeric weather models, each with a unique forecast. Each of these forecasts is graded on its past accuracy; the forecast that showed to be the most accurate receives the heaviest weight. This ensemble approach produces an initial forecast that is a much more realistic prediction than the individual components.

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