Weather Risk Index

Proactive planning tool for multiple zones

If your transportation operations has multiple zones or regions of responsibility over a large area, you should be able to see adverse weather in any of those zones that would cause mobilization of workers or logistical decisions. You have little time to dig into weather forecasts and data to come up with a simple view of when, and where, weather that could impact your operations.
Your Weather Risk Index becomes a valuable planning tool that isolates when and where impactful weather will occur and allows users to make decisions proactively vs. waiting and reacting.

How does it work

DTN’s weather risk categorization uses advanced analytics and personal meteorological guidance to provide simplified forecasts for DOTs, public works departments and busing and trucking operations. Tell at a glance when weather will impact operations or require resources to be mobilized, with a visual depiction of future events in WeatherSentry and via email reports.
Each 5-day planning report is designed specifically for your operations territory and risk thresholds showing critical weather that would affect operations or planning. It is tailored for either warm weather operations focusing on wind speeds, wind gusts, high temperatures, thunder storms and flooding, or winter operations including heavy snow, ice and extreme cold temperatures. The report allows customized zones of operation via shape file showing your district boundaries/zones of interest. Best of all it is supported by DTN’s award-winning forecasts and meteorologists’ inputs.

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